Advantages of Pavement Markings – A Massachusetts Contractor’s Perspective

Pavement MarkingRoadways, parking lots, outdoor sports courts, and various other surfaces benefit from pavement markings. The purpose of these markings is to provide people with direction, making the area a safer one, and to distinguish the pavement from any other pavement around it, such as distinguishing a parking lot from the roadway or a basketball court from a parking lot. Drivers and others receive information, such as roadway alignment and vehicle positioning in order to avoid accidents.

It is estimated that approximately $2 billion is spent every year in the United States on pavement markings. Research has been done to identify the specific advantages of pavement markings since they are one of the most important safety functions on today’s roadways. They are widely accepted as beneficial to drivers, as they markings communicate to them what the intended path is.

These markings are just as important in parking lots as they are on highways. On highways, proper markings have reduced lane departure fatalities by 25 percent. While the result for the reduction in parking lot accidents is not definitive, the increased safety is obvious.

Basically, it all comes down to safety in most cases. In other cases, it comes down to instruction.

Benefits of Parking Lot Painters

Parking lot painters are a major asset to businesses, schools, and municipalities because painting a parking lot allows drivers to know where and how to place their vehicles. If drivers were able to park their car any way they wanted, parking lot crashes would be very high. Plus, it is beneficial for a business to be able to accommodate as many cars as possible in their parking lot without compromising safety. This is where highly necessary parking lot design comes in. Having pavement markings on the lot that mark the parking spaces and ensuring that motorists know which direction parking lot traffic is to flow means safer operation within the lot. There is also the fact that fire lanes need to be properly marked and handicapped parking spaces need to be made obvious so that those with disabilities can park accordingly.

In turn, parking lot paint can be reflective, which is something that contributes to safety. Brighter pavement markings are more visible in adverse weather conditions.

All in all, paring lot painting can add curb appeal, ensure that business entrances are not blocked, can make sure intersections remain wide open, and point out access to sidewalks.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports Courts

There are different types of outdoor sports courts, such as basketball courts and tennis courts. These playing surfaces have to be laid out perfectly by the pavement painters. There is to be no deviation since every line is important to the rules of the game.

Having bright lines present during game play means that everyone will be able to effectively follow the rules and get the most out of the game. There is no debate as to what happened in the game. There is also the fact that basketball courts, tennis courts, and other outdoor pavements used for game play that are marked properly add aesthetic appeal. When a court in a park is properly cared for, it is obvious by the vibrancy of the paint on its pavements.

When it comes to indoor courts, such as gymnasiums, pavement painters have to take a great deal of care. The lines have to be carefully painted and then the floor properly coated. Colleges, universities, high schools, churches, and many others benefit from the proper painting of their indoor courts. Plus, indoor courts have personality to them and it is important that that personality is preserved.

Warehouse Pavement Markings

Even warehouses benefit from pavement markings. The reason is because there are areas that are designated for machinery and there are even lanes in which that machinery needs to work. There may also be designated places for pallets and shelving that requires marking. Even caution signs may be painted on the floor to allow someone to know that they are entering a dangerous area.

There are many types of flooring that pavement painters can work with and different types of markings that are necessary on many surfaces. Whether it is for information, convenience, or for safety, it is no wonder pavement painting is a $2 billion industry.