Does Your Church’s Indoor Sports Court Need Painted?

indoor basketball court

Does your church have an indoor gym that is used for sports and other purposes? Is it looking worn with paint that is fading and concrete that simply looks like it has been “through it?” If your indoor sports court looks like it needs an overhaul, then there is a […] Read more »

All of Your Questions about Seal Coating Answered


What is seal coating exactly and why do you need it? Pavement seal coating is a process for asphalt that is easily comparable to painting a home. The asphalt in your driveway or parking lot can easily deteriorate because of sun exposure, oil spills, and heavy traffic. The seal coating […] Read more »

To Coat or Not to Coat Your Parking Lot?

pothole in parking lot

If you have a parking lot, take a look at it…a really good look. Now make a list of what you see. Do you see cracks? Are the parking lot markings fading? Does the lot simply look faded and dingy? How about potholes? Do you see any of those? If […] Read more »

Why Indoor Floor Markings are Important

Warehouse floor

Indoor floor markings are important because they designate areas and mainly for safety reasons. Take a warehouse, for instance. The striping on the floor represents something. In many cases, it represents caution, a trash compactor area, or an area where forklifts may be operating. Forklift lanes may be something that […] Read more »

Why is Warehouse Flooring Condition So Important?

warehouse worker operating machinery

Have you ever been in a warehouse where the floor is chipped, it is dull, and there are no markings on the floor to specify hazardous areas? If you have, then chances are you were looking at a major hazard. If you asked those working in the space if there […] Read more »

What to know about Outdoor Basketball Court Painting

basketball court

A basketball court has to be lined properly in order to ensure the game is played properly. Any issue with the lining of the court could cause problems during play.  Basically, accuracy is everything and the paint needs to be easily seen on the surface. When dealing with outdoor courts, […] Read more »