Importance of Pavement Markings and Traffic Signs to Safety

Stop signIn a small area of New Hampshire, there is a place where there are no road signs and no pavement markings. The speed limit is not posted, drivers have to figure out whether the road is truly a two-way road because it is so narrow, and motorists are basically left to their own devices.

Nearly every rural area has a road like this, but some of these roads are very heavily traveled and that means that accidents can and do happen. This brings about an important question:

If there were road striping and road signs, would the road be safer?

The answer: Probably.

If there was a road sign warning a driver of an upcoming curve or bumpy pavement, they would know to slow down. If there were lines, it would be easier for the motorists to know that they were over far enough for oncoming vehicles. If the speed limit was posted, drivers wouldn’t have to guess. This shows how important road sign installation and road striping is.

Road Sign Installation

So let’s start with road sign installation and why it is so important. Think about a time you have been driving and there has been no stop sign or any signing warning you of any upcoming hazards, such as bumps or curves. That probably created a rather dangerous situation. How about a time when you had to pass a vehicle on a narrow road and you have not been able to tell how far over you are. All you can see is them coming at you. That most likely made for a very scary situation.

The need for street signs can be by the state, county government, or a city. Having the proper signage in place can prevent accidents, which means emergency services can focus on other issues that may come about during their days.

When you opt for professional road sign installation, you get the following:

  • Proper pole placement that ensures the sign is on the right side of the road.
  • Proper pole placement also means establishing the proper pole length and sign depth. Signs have to be placed rather high so that they are seen by all vehicles and so no vehicles parked on a side of a road or street block them.
  • The sign is attached to the pole securely so that it can withstand wind. If wind blows against a sign, it can topple it over. However, the wind has to blow very hard to knock these signs down.

Many communities throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire have lightly staffed street departments, so opting for professional road sign installation can be a valuable service. You know that it is being done right, alleviating a great deal of worry.

Road Striping

Road striping is important because some of it involves placing instructions on the road. For instance, a driver has to know that a lane is a turn only lane or that it can turn and go straight. It also helps to reinforce traffic signs with a “stop” painted just in case traffic signs may not be available for some reason or in case the traffic lights may be down due to a power outage.

Parking lot striping is also very important because people need to know where to park, which is the entrance and which is the exit, and where handicap parking spots are. Parking lot striping keeps order within the parking lot so that there are no accidents. The goal is for everyone to remain safe while in their vehicles and walking through the lot.

All in all, road sign installation, parking lot striping, and road striping are all services that are important to motorists and communities. They help ensure order on the roads, as well as much needed safety so that motorists always know what to do. If a municipality doesn’t have the proper signage or markings along and on their roads, then they could be held liable in motor vehicle accident lawsuits, especially if it is deemed that the lack of signing was a major contributor to the accident. So not only does signage promote order and safety, but it also protects against liability.


If you are in need of road signs, road striping, or parking lot striping, Brite Line Paint Co. can do the job for you. We are trained and highly experienced in road sign installation and pavement markings. To learn more about our services, call 508-678-6775 or fill out our contact form.