Parking Lot Bumpers (Car Stops)

Brite Line Paint Co., Inc. provides a wide variety of services related to commercial parking lot layouts, striping and other pavement markings, however we also install parking lot safety equipment for our clients.

Bumpers, which are also known across the country as wheel stops, bumper blocks and curb stops, are a tool that is used to protect structures and other parked vehicles within a commercial parking lot from being damaged by other vehicles.

Quality, Durable Bumpers

As an additional service, the Brite Line Paint crew can also install quality, durable bumpers to your parking spaces as an additional type of parking lot safety equipment. Due to our many years of experience working in this industry, we can effectively install bumper blocks and curb stops that will stand up to multiple wheel impacts, parking lot sweeping equipment and, in most situations, snow plows. Contact our office directly with any questions about the type of bumpers available and the installation process that is required.

Brite Line Paint Co., Inc. provides parking lot re-striping services and pavement markings to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut. To find out more about our bumper installations and other parking lot safety equipment, as well as parking lot layouts and re-striping services, use our online contact form or call our local office at (508) 678-6775.