Parking Lot Re-striping

Parking lots in the northeastern states receive more annual punishment due to inclement weather than in most other states across the country. The constant cycle of freezing and thawing causes much damage, but the use of snow plows, salt and other de-icing materials can wreck havoc on your pavement markings. It is important to ensure the safety of your parking lot visitors by updating or re-striping your parking lot when needed. Make sure that your parking lot looks great and is in good condition to safely and professionally welcome clients and customers to your place of business.

At Brite Line Paint Co., Inc., our many years of knowledge and experience working in this industry help us to provide our clients with top quality results. We stay on top of local ordinances, as well as state and federal laws pertaining to commercial parking lots, to make sure our clients are always in compliance. We specialize in re-striping services for commercial parking lots and our team makes sure that the pavement markings are clear and easy to see.

Adhere To Safety Standards

Some of the benefits associated with re-striping your commercial parking lot is to ensure that you are adhering to safety standards for drivers and pedestrians. Re-striping helps to improve visibility, not just to better define parking spaces, but also in crosswalks, fire lanes, no parking zones, loading zones and other special areas. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires businesses to provide ample parking for disabled visitors, according to specific standards. Re-striping helps your business to look professional and to stay on top of ADA requirements.

Brite Line Paint Co., Inc. provides parking lot re-striping services and pavement markings to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut. To find out more about our re-striping services, use our online contact form or call our local office at (508) 678-6775.