Parking Lot Seal Coating & Crack Filling

Anyone who has lived in the New England area for any length of time understands the toll that the seasons can take on the pavement. From the harsh sunlight of summer to the extreme freezing conditions of winter, commercial parking lots won’t stand a chance against these changes without the protection of seal coating.

Pavement cracking is the natural result of the aging process of asphalt, which takes a beating from the elements, as well as heavy traffic from visitors, delivery trucks, parking lot sweepers, snow plows and more.

Seal Coating

Brite Line Paint Co., Inc. provides a seal coating service that helps to protect against water infiltration and oxidation, which can both lead to cracking and the deterioration of asphalt. Parking lot seal coating also protects against fluids that leak from automobiles, as well as other substances that can cause a chemical reaction that leads to damage over years of repeated abuse. A regular application of parking lot seal coating will extend the lifetime of your pavement. Experts suggest that a professional quality seal coating surface be added every 2-3 years in our area for proper parking lot surface protection.

Crack Filling

Small cracks in your commercial parking lot will lead to larger cracks, which will ultimately lead to major damage that could require a very costly complete resurfacing of the asphalt. To avoid these costly projects, repairing small cracks through a professional service like Brite Line Paint Co., Inc., is the best solution. Our team of skilled technicians will remove any debris from the crack and then fill it professionally to ensure great-looking and smooth-driving results. Crack filling should be followed up with parking lot seal coating to ensure additional damage does not occur.

If you notice cracks or other issues beginning to occur in your commercial parking lot, contact Brite Line Paint Co., Inc. We provide commercial parking lot seal coating and crack filling in addition to our parking lot layouts, re-striping services and pavement markings to customers throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut. To find out more about our parking lot seal coating and crack filling services, use our online contact form or call our local office at (508) 678-6775.