The Asphalt Sealcoating & Crack Filling Process Can Go a Long Way

Fotolia_37598344_XSThe asphalt seal coating and crack filling process is one that can lengthen the life of your parking lot or other asphalt paved area, helping you avoid premature replacement. In other words, you can save a lot of money.

With the help of a Massachusetts sealcoating company, you can make your existing asphalt parking lot, driveway, or other surface look like new. When doing a cost comparison of utilizing the services of a sealcoating company versus replacing the surface, sealcoating comes out to be much cheaper. Here is the process:

Secure the Area

First, the technicians have to secure the area so that traffic stays away during the process. The area will need to be closed off for at least 12 hours after application. Any automatic sprinkler systems have to be shut off because water can prevent the setting of the sealcoating. It is important for the sealcoating to not get wet within 24 hours after application is completed. If it does, then the surface could be compromised and that could lengthen the entire sealcoating process.

Cleaning Of The Area

The area has to be cleaned, which means all dirt and debris removed. Asphalt sealer cannot do its job if the surface is dirty. So push brooms, brushes, and blowers will be used to clean the area. Not moving the debris can cause the sealcoating to not bond with the asphalt. Any chemicals and oil will also need to be cleaned or covered with a primer so that bonding is not affected.

If you have ever seen a parking lot, driveway, or other asphalt-based surface that doesn’t look right or the sealcoating looks messy, it may be because the area was not thoroughly cleaned the way that it was supposed to be. Because of what can be considered a messy job, the asphalt may need to be repaired and sealcoated again in the future long before it should be.

Crack Filling

Cracks and holes need to be repaired. Defects in the asphalt can cause both functional and aesthetic issues if not rectified before applying the sealcoating. A quick inspection of the asphalt will reveal any issues that need to be replaced or repaired. Even small cracks need to be repaired before sealing takes place. This is due to the fact that even the smallest cracks will expand over time as the temperature changes. If moisture penetrates cracks, the asphalt loses some of its ability to stand up to traffic. The exact method of repair is going to depend on the defect. For instance, a small area of asphalt that is crumbling may need a patch. A small crack can benefit from a crack sealant so that it does not grow into a larger problem.

Applying The Sealant And Pavement Markings

If it is necessary, the area is cleaned again right before applying the sealing. In order for the seal to be a quality seal, at least two coats of sealcoating are required. It then takes 12 hours for the sealant to properly set. If the sealant is applied to a high traffic area, such as a parking lot, it may be necessary to apply new pavement markings once the sealcoating is sufficiently dry.

Final Inspection

After the pavement markings are applied they are dry, it is time to perform an inspection. IN this final inspection, certain issues are looked for. If they are found, now is the time to fix them. It is not good to fix them after the area is opened and traffic has already resumed. If that’s the case, then the traffic can cause more serious damage and that means the repairs are more extensive and expensive. Any issues need to be taken care of immediately so the surface is in the best possible shape before reopening to traffic.

Overall, the process is not one that is extremely extensive, but it is one that requires experience. The technicians have to be able to identify damage so it can be repaired before the sealcoating process takes place. As for the crack filling and sealcoating processes themselves, they have to be carried out with care so that the end result looks great and performs great.


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