The very first thing that your customers and clients see once they are inside your warehouse is the floor. Before they ever see your products, before they ever get a chance to view your capabilities, that first impression has already been made. It is also important for your visitors to have a safe place to walk while in the warehouse and that it is clearly marked and easy to navigate.

At Brite Line Paint Co., Inc., our many years of knowledge and experience working in this industry help us to provide our clients with top quality results that help them to make a very favorable first impressions in their warehouses.  We specialize in working to create warehouse striping for remodeled or new warehouses, to ensure the maximum capacity and safety in the available space.


One of the most important elements of creating a safe and professional quality warehouse is the striping. Crisp, clean floor markings will improve your company’s image, increase safety and ensure that you are in compliance with all safety laws, ordinances and regulations. Fresh, clear warehouse striping doesn’t just pertain to walk ways, but also to danger zones, fire escape markings, restricted access areas and other essential areas. Proper warehouse markings will protect your company from lawsuits that can come from unclear or poorly marked areas.

Brite Line Paint Co., Inc. provides services to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut. To find out more about our parking lot layouts and pavement markings services, use our online contact form or call our local office at (508) 678-6775.